Over the air update

Hi, I use MEGA2560 with a SIM808 as remote systems. I need to update the firmware on the units using GPRS. Can any body please advice me on the steps I must follow to accomplish this. Currently the system use MQTT to publish data.


I don't think there is any easy way to do this on a MEGA through GPRS

J-M-L why? it is about download of a bin with TinyGSM and ArduinoHttpClient and store and apply it with InternalStorage object from my ArduinoOTA library

you are right, I should have clarified my thinking and should have read your description better. my bad.

I was more viewing this in terms of being able to trigger the update from a terminal somewhere as usually a SIM card does not allow for incoming requests.

if it's initiated from the MEGA that would detect from time to time if there is an update available, then yes, I agree

here is a OTA update for Mega over MQTT with Ethernet

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