Overcome Delay problem

How many requests do you will open addtionally?
Don´t make cross post!

Your schematic shows only one switch connected to GND.
Your schematic does not have resistors on each LED.
Your problem is the schematic is not draw correctly and you are not incorporating millis( ) properly to achieve the BWD benefits.

Is there a language you need that excellent website you've been referred to translated into?

It may take you more than a few minutes, but if you work through it, you might figure this out.


Please stop begging for answers, and go read the information you were given. If you can't understand it there, you won't understand it here.

by mistake i forgot to add resisitor in series with leds.. also gnd to other two switch. Practically it has not done.. Only code error pls

Thanks for error finding.

Maybe this guy can help, he seems to be on to a nifty trick:


There is no code error. You have to learn the techniques that are suggested in the documents that were linked to, in order to do what you are asking. Nobody here is going to just fix your code for you.

Yes I am requesting all the senior for my code error... If you find problem in my post then pls ignore it.

Again, there is no code error. There is a lack of motivation to learn independently.

Here is a great example for you.


I am the same

No duh!

Just in case: interrupts are not the solution to this puzzle.

Just pay someone to write this simple program for you, or learn how to use the things we pointing you at.


If there is lack of motivation then I would have not come to programme these code that i have written myself.

Then go read the documents and links...

Thanks @LarryD....

Thankx again.

Shut ur mouth.

I suspect that one by one, your wish will be granted. When you find you have time on your hands and no one to talk to, put in the work and learn about what it is you are up to.

I hereby shut my mouth.


You just lost another person who was trying to help you.


I hereby shut my mouth.

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:thinking: why

I didnot tell you. Just reading your post which u post in Jan2018 with example.. Excellent