Overheating FTDI?

I have an Arduino Uno that I got a few years ago. Recently I did project no.11 in the starter kit, Crystal Ball, but I turned it on today and it wouldn’t work, but it was working yesterday. When I plugged it in, the FTDI burned me, and the lights on the board wouldn’t come on. I tested my resistors, wiring, and power. The 5v power supply was at 4.77v, and the resistors and wiring were fine. If I unplug the power from the breadboard, the lights come on, but as soon as I plug it back in, they shut off.
I appreciate any help or comments anyone could give me.

Sounds like 3.3V is shorted out somewhere...

If the Uno is OK when disconnected from EVERYTHING ELSE (and you can upload BLINK, for example), then you have some short circuit of wiring problem with the experiment you are doing.

If I connect the wires to the 3.3v port and test it with a multimeter it reads out as 3.3v.

I tried uploading BLINK and nothing happened.


Let's recheck:

NOTHING is connected to the Arduino.

You connected only the USB cable

You checked the IDE:

  • Tools>Port shows your Arduino and correct port
  • You opened the blink example.
  • You did Verify and it compiled OK
  • You hit Upload and..
    ?? What did you see? Any error messages? Did the serial interface LEDs on the Arduino blink when the IDE said "Uploading"?

Yes, I did all of that, but I got an error message that said "problem uploading to board".

If you saw your port OK and then "Problem uploading to board" it seems likely the Arduino is damaged.

What should I do about it?

I tested the wires and resistors while the unit was plugged in and I was getting power, so I'm beginning to think that maybe there's something wrong with the LCD.

If I disconnect the 2 red wires on the bottom of the picture the LCD will turn on but nothing will show on the screen.

Sorry it won’t let me post the picture but I meant two of the power wires.

I am confused.

Did you disconnect EVERYTHING from the Arduino? And THEN you could not upload? That's a problem that has nothing to do with all your other wires and circuits.

Sorry I have forgotten to post for a while. I tried everything you said. I unplugged everything from the Arduino and I could not upload BLINK. The resettable fuse seems to be fine, but it gets really hot. I messed around with my project and unplugged 2 of the wires and the LCD turned on, when it was off before.

Well, without that picture, we really have no idea what you are doing. A picture is well worth the proverbial thousand words. :grinning:

Sorry I couldn't post the picture, because it exceeded the maximum amount I could post. Is there another way I could get the picture to you?

I posted the picture on google plus. Hopefully you can find it.

Here is a link to it: