I think I may have fried my Arduino
My hand slipped and I accidentally applied 28v to the 5v out on the board (Arduino Mega).

Now if connected via usb the rx, tx, and power leds are on constantly.
Simply put, is there any change it can be repaired, is there any overvoltage protection?


Oh and when plugged in via usb the computer doesn't detect it.

is there any overvoltage protection?

No, it's toast, sorry.


Figured as much.

I'm not mocking you or anything, but I do have to ask:

How is it that people are constantly "slipping" and applying vast voltages to the Arduino line? Are you breadboarding and accidentally plugged it into the wrong place? :-?

its pretty easy to do if your mixing power supply points, color coded (your way)wires, and a central kill switch, helps a ton to keep things right

ie: i know my normal jumpers are logic level stuff, and my neon orange speaker wire jumpers are not on the same page

... just tossing out ideas :slight_smile:

I was testing the voltage difference (28volt) but left the multimeter on amp.
Connected the 28 to the 5volt rail on my breadboard.

We've all been there done that, given enough time. Experience does come with a price. Lets face it, the Arduino pin connections along with standard solderless breadboards is an open invitation for brain farts. :wink:


I think next time I'll put the high voltage on a separate board.