overwrite meaning of reset button // software reset?


Can I overwrite the meaning of the Arduino's reset button? (I would like to use it as a regular button) To replace its functionality, can I reset the board in software?

Thanks -james

No, the hardware switch is connected to the reset pin.

On some (small) AVR chips you can but not the ones used by Arduino.


Well, on the ATmega 168A, 328 and 328P you CAN disable the Reset pin with a fuse setting (High Byte bit 7). That allows you to use the Reset pin as a general-purpose digital pin. You'd have to use Direct Port Access (PORTC bit 6) and you wouldn't be able to program the Arduino after that but you could use the Reset button for input.

You MIGHT be able to recover use of the processor with a High Voltage Parallel Programmer like the HV Rescue Shield: http://mightyohm.com/blog/products/hv-rescue-shield-2-x/

Yes you're right, I've done this on smaller chips and thought the 328 was large enough to have a dedicated reset pin. So on a Uno etc you can, on the Mega you can't.

You do need a high-voltage programmer to get the reset (and therefore normal programming methods) back.