Long story short, I put a nice 1/4 inch deep hole in my hand... it stings like a son of a (female dog)...

If someone tells me how to upload pics, I will...

you cant directly you have to host them somewhere then link using the img tags (ie I use my own host, someone else may use photobucket)

so how did you manage to do that? I feel your pain, we were putting a piano on a portable stage one day (back when I moved pianos and before I started working at a musical instrument manufacture) and all was good till the weight of the piano was released from the ramp

that joker shot me and another 200lb dude about 6 inches up in the air like a large leaf spring, when we came down the ramp was not on the edge of the aluminum stage anymore

but my shin was, yea 3 chunks of flesh removed down to the bone and a split second later…

I should have gotten stitches, but I was in my early 20’s and being cheap, those jokers bleed for well over a month (mind you first aid is one of my expertise, I dont advise you to handle it yourself, an infection from a wound like that could cause you much more damage) , and the scars in my shin still measure a 1/16th inch deep 7 years later

Well, I was jumping a fence (Into an open field... Not illegal... Just too lasy tow alk ll the way around...) and there werent enough places tp out my hands... The left one was on a pole cap... The rigth one was on the actual wire links... I underestimated how sharp the ends were... As I jumped over, my body (of who's weigth is a closely guarded secret) shoced my hands doen naturally... You get the idea... And then there was a 15 minute ride home... I filled 3 napkins with blood... Not the whole thing, but alot of huge dots...

but my shin was, yea 3 chunks of flesh removed down to the bone and a split second later...


Just too lasy tow alk ll the way around...

A few years back, I was too lazy to use a step ladder (or put on a pair of gloves) when I was changing the air filter on my 1979 full-size Bronco. Instead, I stood on the edge of the bumper, leaning over the engine to back off the wingnut that held the filter to the carb. My feet slipped out from behind me, and I started to fall backward to the pavement.

My first instinct was to grab something to stop my fall. The radiator bracket I grabbed was stronger than the flesh of my fingers; three deep gashes and a lot of blood later I'm in the emergency room getting stitches. The scars left behind are anything but pretty.

All because I was too lazy to do things the proper way.


but my shin was, yea 3 chunks of flesh removed down to the bone and a split second later…


I once had a coat hanger go though a deck shoe, though my foot and out the other side though a layer of canvas, stuff happens :wink:

I bring that up cause it sounds like something similar to 98’s fence wound

Anyone been so “lucky” to catch anything? I cached a virus last week, and I am still ill… Was at the doctor today, and after a blood test, he could tell me that i got a bit of pneumonia, sore throat, and flu. But not enough of any of them to actually have it, but still enough to be a pain in the butt…

And since it was a virus, there was nothing to do about it, just go through it. So yay, 4th day, with my throat hurting so much that I can hardly eat or drink, and when I do, I start to cough so much that… I will save you for the details :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in a weird mood so:

Pics or it didn’t happen ;D

Well, it doesn’t look bad anymore… It’s healing a little…

But if you insist, Ill get on photobucket now…

Just to tickle your fuzzy little peach!

Fresh and bloody (Please note that most of the bleeding has stopped, and that I wiped it off less that 10 seconds before this pic (Thats alot of blood!)) :

And a picture from about half an hour ago (Most of the pain is gone, and (Thank God!) I was able to write in school today):

Damn - that’s nothing; I’ve done “home surgery” on myself that resulted in more blood and (likely - given that your’s has yet to heal) worse scars…

/not kidding…
//feel better…


Home surgery?!

cr0sh, I applaud you for your debt free lifestyle, but damn man :smiley:

here’s a link you may like.

cr0sh, I applaud you for your debt free lifestyle, but darn man

I have to admit that some things I have done in the past were stupid, and could have brought some harm were it not for taking care to sterilize instruments, and the use of antibiotics (thank you, Mexico); all of my “home surgeries” were minor in scope (think “mole removal”).

Today, I am liable to see a doctor for anything needing more than a bandaid or some gauze; proof being the stitches I got for my hand, as well as some minor surgery I had done last year. My main concern today is the fact that I am getting older, and likely don’t heal as well as before - no use risking a serious staph infection…

Fortunately, I am one who uses the services of a doctor rarely, beyond my dentist (I see him on a very regular basis, and have done so for nearly 20 years now).


Couldn't help thinking of my boss when I was reading this, a month ago he managed to slice his leg open with an angle grinder.

There was that much blood it soaked through his jeans, and down into his boots, didn't go get it stitched up though, just kept working, wouldn't even let anyone look at it.

Three days later in hospital with blood poisoning, they had to scrape the the inside of the wound out to clean it and leave it open to allow it to weep for a week before they would stitch it up.

So peoples if your going to do any home surgery, make sure the angle grinder disc is nice and clean.

Oh and thats not the worst thing I have seen him do, ladders and large machinery give him trouble as well.