Oxygen sensor SK-25F and smoke sensor TGS4161,compatible with arduino?

good evening,
I was given two evaluation boards one with an oxygen sensor and another one with smoke sensor(it monitors CO2 ) they are both from figaro but its impossible to find any datasheet for them,the only thing available are some datasheets with the simple oxygen and tgs4161 sensor (without board I mean).Do you think it is right to follow the same datasheets although the items I have are different but with the same important component on them(the two sensors).The one is oxygen sensor SK-25F and the other TGS4161 1N2AB smoke sensor.It would be helpful if you have any idea about the code as well and how I can connect them on the arduino board.
thanks in advance

It is usually helpful in this situation if you post a photo of what you have.

yes you are right,since I could not find the same sensors I made two pictures I hope they help!I have attached the pics I hope it works

That's a good question. I used google and could not turn up any of those modules. The next thing I would do, is examine them closely and try to figure out what the other components on the little circuit boards are. This might be a clue.

hi I after some mails to the company I was able to make the connection and have some measurements simply by analogread commands.The thing now is that I dont know exctly how to take the "true" values of it because there is an amplifier on it can you tell me how can I check the real gain of that amplifier so that I ll include it in my code and get the correct measurements? http://www.analog.com/en/specialty-amplifiers/instrumentation-amplifiers/ad627/products/product.html i(t is on the oxygen sensor) thank you

hello sir i'm also working on SK-25F oxygen sensor is this sensor compatible with arduino?? if yes how to connect it ? which additional circuitry is required

hi sir, please help me to give coding for O2,CO2,NO2,CO sensors.