Ozone Sensors

Actually, I'm doing a proyect related to the ozone layer. I'm planning to launch a stratospheric balloon, whit different types of sensors, and the balloon is intended to get into the ozone layer. The payload will be a thermometer, barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer and an ozone sensor all conected to an Arduino Leonardo. The ozone sensor MQ-131, which I have been looking for information, only has a range from 2ppm to 10ppb and the ozone layer it's suppose to have a concentration of 200ppb to 500ppb. I need a sensor which could give that high range.

I would thank you for your answers.

Surely anyone contemplating such a project is capable of finding sensors to fit your range, so real question is how to make one of those sensors work with your Arduino.


Unless "ppm" is a typo, you have a great sensor. 1ppm = 1000000ppb

I would expect numbers like 1200ppb or higher in the ozone layer.

The MQ sensors are totally unsuitable for quantitative measurements. You should not waste any more time on this project until you have learned how ozone concentration is actually measured, and if you can afford the required sensor.