p-channel mosfet array - do they exist ?


I'm looking for a logic level p-channel high side driver array in one package. So far I've only found the usual darlington NPN chips, but nothing suitable for high-side driving. I've searched mouser/farnell applying filters an so on, but nothing. Dual FETs is not what I need. 8 FETs per package or more would be best (and SMD of course).

current reqs: min. 1A fast switching

A quick search for high side switch at digikey turned up some quad 1A max devices from TI.

A buddy has used this one. It's only 1 in one package, but rated to 40A peak.

1A min and 8 in one SMT package could be asking a bit much...


Supertex has 8 channel N-channel FETs but not P-channel that I can see.


n-channel high side drivers with built in voltage boosters for the gate are quite expensive :-(

I think I'll have to stay with the UDN2981A chips, although they're a bit slow for PWM.