P10 led matrix 1/2 scan

Hello all,

I have a P10 led matrix which is 1/2 scan according to specs . I tried to load the adafruit libraries but the matrix does not show correctly the messages. Adafruit libraries are made for 1/8 scan matrices.

Does anyone know of a library suitable for 1/2 scan led matrices?

Using arduino uno - all connections double checked and are ok.

Can you please provide a link the the led matrix that you are using

Thanks for the link but it leaves me none the wiser as to how the module is controlled or what 1/2 scan is. There is mention of WiFi USB control, whatever that means.

Have you got any more details about it ?

There is no Wifi or usb control - I am trying to control it using an arduino with direct cable connections like described in this link:

The library they provide as they say is for 1/8 scan rate matrices and I think this is the reason it does not work with my 1/2 scan led matrix.

I am looking for a modified library able to handle the 1/2 scan matrix.