P10 modules not displaying

I have been working with P10 modules for a while now, using the DMD library and everything was working perfectly.

After about a week, I tried to program another P10 module using the same exact code I used for the first one, but after the code uploads nothing is displaying on the P10 modules.

I've tried to change the module itself to another one I have, change the microcontroller (Arduino Uno) and even the connector. I'm also using a 5V, 10A power supply.

I'm suspecting that the problem is with the program, maybe the library or something.
Any suggestions to help please?

Since the code worked and there have been some hardware changes I am guessing it is a loose connection or something like that. Can you post a schematic, not a frizzy thing showing all connections. Also post links to technical information on all the hardware items.

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