P2P long range communication - RFM95

I would like to ask you regarding P2P LoRa modul - RFM95 or some other. I need to create P2P communication between far points (in first case about 400 meters in urban area, NRF24l01+ was not sufficient as there are trees and buildings between these points; in second case about 10 km far in unoccupied area). So I was thinking to do it with RFM95 module and arduino. I see there is many modules on the ebay. Would you have any advice which one to select? It need to operate in EU so 868 MHz. + What library then to use. I plan to use it with 2AA batteries.

Thank you in advance for your help.

An nRF24L01+ can't get beyond 10m in practice, its sharing the same frequencies as WiFi and microwave ovens.

I note Adafruit have LoRa RFM95 modules and tutorial: Overview | Adafruit RFM69HCW and RFM9X LoRa Packet Radio Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System

Would you have any advice which one to select? It need to operate in EU so 868 MHz.

In the EU, its region 1, so you can use 434Mhz which will go twice as far as 868Mhz at the same power.

2 x AA Lithiums OK, 2 x AA Alkalines bad, they will be at 1.2Veachor so for a lot of their life, 2.4V supply is marginal.

@ MarkT - from what I tested the NRF24l01+ can definitely get farther then 10 m. With the PA and LNA can get much more. I succeed with it about 400 meters. The state it should be up to 1000m. The LoRA RFM it is much more better. Thanks for this tip. In the end I will try LoRa Ra-01, which I already ordered. I will see what distance will be reached:

@ Smet - ok, I will also do tests with NiMh which I hope should be also sufficient.

Thanks guys for your advices.