P2P or card emulation?

Dear all,

I have a project t to implement NFC in a ventilation device, so that we can receive data from ventilation device, but also can modify data (like setting information such as fan speed) with the mobile phone to the ventilation device (two-way communication).

I earlier think this is rather a card emulation mode, however, i begin to think since the smartphone should be able to transfer new data to the ventilation device, it sounded as a P2P mode too.
Now i confused, in this case does it's more to P2P mode or Card Emulation mode?Can we still modify the data and send it from the NFC-enabled-device to the reader in a card emulation mode?

My question will be very basic...so, I hope someone can enlighten me with a more detail about the difference capability between P2P mode and Card Emulation more?

Thank you in advance.

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anyone please..read and response to this thread too...:frowning:

I was wondering if anyone figured this out too!