P4 RGB panel - how to operate pins

Hi, I have a 64x32 RGB panel (P4) and I want to customize some things when displaying images on it.
I don't want to use a library for it but I need to know how the switching pin sequence works.
There is R,G,B pins and OE, LAT pins. Additionally selection pins ABCD.
OE is output enable and LAT is latch for shift panel registers I guess.
What is the proper sequence of displaying image?
I don't know if OE must be ON all time or switched ON/OFF between switching to next row
Also OE is active low so does it have to be pull down?
How does latch work? High is on or off? I cannot find very clear description of it anywhere.
It is very very confusing - Sparkfun and Adafruit don't explain that clear.
I appreciate the help