Package of Hex Converter

Hi All,

I was just creating a board based on the microSD shield from Sparkfun, and wanted to use the hex converter with the micro sd card slot. When I originally found the part in eagle, it had no package whatsoever named. Any help with the correct package?

Thanks, Qtechknow

Zoom in on the pictures to read the PN. 74HC4050D

and wanted to use the hex converter

It is not a converter it is an inverter. They have it wrong on the schematic as well.

TI seems to call it both: "The ’HC4049 and ’HC4050 are fabricated with high-speed silicon gate technology. They have a modified input protection structure that enables these parts to be used as logic level translators which convert high-level logic to a low-level logic while operating off the low-level logic supply. For example, 15-V input pulse levels can be down-converted to 0-V to 5-V logic levels. The modified input protection structure protects the input from negative electrostatic discharge. These parts also can be used as simple buffers or inverters without level translation." 4049 inverts, 4050 buffers. Both do level conversion.

TXB0106 would be another good choice