padding spaces to LCD display - Day of Week

so many LCD clock example projects and I can't find a solution to LCD format adding trailing spaces.

here is my code:

char line0[16]; // declare 16 character array for line0 of i2C display.
char line1[16]; // declare 16 character array for line1 of i2C display.

char timeWeekDay[10];
strftime(timeWeekDay,10, "%A", &timeinfo); // returns day as text, longest is "Wednesday" 9 chars plus end char.
char timeDate[3]; // 2 digits plus end char
strftime(timeDate,3, "%02d", &timeinfo); // returns date as 2 digits "11"
char timeMonth[3];
strftime(timeMonth,4, "%B", &timeinfo); // returns month as chars "November" is cut down to "Nov".
sprintf(line0, "%s %s %s", timeWeekDay, timeDate, timeMonth); // weekday length can be 6,7,8 or 9 chars.

on Line0 of the LCD today, I see "Tuesday 17 Nov ", tomorrow "Wednesday 18 Nov", and the day after "Thursday 19 Novv". Day of week can be 6, 7, 8 or 9 in length. Very easy, just pad with spaces.
I've tried width specifiers as described in C++ sprintf tutorials. I've also found examples of using FOR loops to dynamically add spaces based on "string" length. 8 hours later, here I am, first Ardunio forum post.
The preference would be a width specifier added to the sprinf line, is this possible?

A simple way would be to use strlen to find out how long line0 is and print enough spaces to overwrite anything left over from yesterday.

Or you could fill a string with spaces and copy the text from line0 into it with memmove; not strcpy because that would carry over the terminating zero.

Just add a number to the %s in sprintf, such as %9s, to specify the field width.

Note that your char array is too short, there needs to be space for the terminating null character.

One common solution to lingering character is to overwrite the field/line with spaces first:

  lcd.write(F("                "));  // Sixteen spaces