Paid assistance required to knit together an Arduino based Home Automation pack


We are a small embedded systems firm located near London.

We are looking for an Arduino collaborator with common sense and good coding skills to help us knit together a large home and business automation pack. Our boards are Arduino based and conform in every way to "normal" Arduino coding. They do however have RTC and a hibernation mode. All boards are already manufactured. No breadboarding is necessary.

We have Zigbee connectible hardware in hand ranging from gasses and soil moisture sensors through to 3G video cameras and RFID/NFC. In total there are 5 boards (plus dedicated shields) plus an 802.11 gateway to connect. Overall architecture is Zigbee (Xbee), WiFi and a very small amount of 3G for the camera.

All Sketches, APIs and other dependencies are available, and all boards run as they should using the serial monitor. No "raw coding" from scratch is required. It's now mainly a question of getting the boards talking to the gateway, then pushing data up to a portal.

We are looking for somebody with Zigbee / networking experience, preferably based in the UK, who can undertake the work in record time. Ongoing collaboration would be welcomed for future add-ons to the system. The ability to put together a basic .apk for testing would also be welcomed.

We have a highly realistic budget in excess of £1000 available for this work (which should help Christmas along for the right candidate...).

Please send offers or ask questions to;

Many thanks.