Paid consultancy- trap to watch out

Just wanted to share my experience so that its a warning to others.

I had a project in mind to publish data over internet and collect it for data logging and saving on a Android phone.

I initially discussed this in general forum and many suggested to seek professional help instead of trying to save money ( which anyway was not the idea !) by the DIY path. Fair enough i said and made an announcement in this forum.

I had a contact from Romania, who sounded confident of doing the job and we even agreed on the payment - Euro 250 for the App.

Work started and after a few iterations i got the content delivered and i could see some data come by on the Android phone. Feeling happy i paid 50% of the contract and sent in a mail asking for the final touches so that i can start using the code regularly.

And that's the last i heard.

Its OK as the amount was anyway small and i could get it done fresh with another developer.

Anyway just thought will share it here so that when such deals are worked out its always better to look for people with a organization reference or such fall back . Having only a mail ID as contact is fraught with pitfalls. If the mails go unanswered your are done with.

( And going by the interactions i had with my contact, i still don't believe he dumped the contract. Very nice professional person. Must be in some other trouble himself. But still the project is dumped)

How long has it been without a response?

14th November 2016 to be precise. That was the date when i got the last mail and subsequent mails from me went dead.

Anyway i don't want to name or identify the individual as it is not proper to say things without knowing what exactly is the cause for silence.

In fact my original post was more on a generic nature just as a matter of cautioning others while seeking professional support.

Thanks Pert.

Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you're taking a positive attitude. I've been ripped off for thousands of dollars in business deals multiple times and I found that the cost of the anger, stress, and depression I experienced far outweighed the lost money.

I guess it's the sort of thing where trying to pursue any legal recourse would cost more than it's worth. I suppose the best protection against this is to hire people who have an established reputation but then you have to take into consideration the fact that their fees may be higher.

I'm sorry to hear that. It really sucks to get into a discussion with someone, feel that you came to a mutual understanding and you can trust them, then get screwed over.

I can offer the same experience from the other side. Someone on this very board that I was working with simply decided not to pay. We discussed his project, I sent him the tested code for the first part of his project and after the agreed-upon amount wasn't sent, asked about it. His reply was "don't worry, I'll send you some money." With my experience, I should have seen that phrasing as a red flag.

He did send the small payment we discussed, so I finished the rest of the program, sent it to him along with a PayPal invoice. His response was to cancel the invoice without saying anything.

I've been doing this kind of online work long enough to have had it happen before. But it still sucks when someone simply decides to steal your work.


Yes it takes all kinds of people to make up this globe. I can realize the pain of spending time and resources and go without being paid or be paid less than agreed.

Fortunately in my case the person who did the job was never very keen on money ... in fact even the 50% that i sent was to encourage him to complete this assignment and take on another one after that. Reason why i still believe that he fell silent not with an idea to evade but ( God forbid ) something really happened to him.

And as Pert said, it is of no avail to cry over spilt milk. Just clean up the mess and go fetch fresh milk. Only this time hold the glass carefully :slight_smile:

Next time have your attorney act as an escrow agent for the deal. He/she holds the money till both parties agree on payment.


Bear in mind that it is entirely possible the person has shuffled off their mortal coil.