Paid Gig - Heart Rate Monitor

I'm looking for someone who can program an Arduino unit to count voltage pulses from a sensor, calculate the beats per minute, and display them on a backlit LCD Display for a museum exhibit.

When not being used, the display should read "No Pulse".

While calculating the BPM, the display should read "Detecting"

When ready to display pulse. the display should read "### BPM"

The number should continue to update based on the last 15 seconds of data received from the sensor (time frame may need to be adjusted). If no pulse is detected after 15 seconds the display should reset to "No Pulse".

This is a fast paced project and will require immediate attention. Program must be ready by end of year.


Good day! I need a list of your equipment. You only need the software part? What budget?

Hi Ryan

I believe that I can offer you the help that you are needing for this project.

I have sent you a PM with my details

Cheers Pete.