Paid Gig writing Arduino code for Feather 32u4

I have a project where I want to read an analog sensor and send the data out at one second intervals using Bluetooth. I want to use a Feather 32u4 Bluetooth LE. I can pay the going commercial rate.

Hi Quad,

What device are you planning to use for the receiving end of the Bluetooth link? Are you planning to read the data into a smartphone?

Hi Pat,

Initially, the Bluetooth data will be received and displayed by a laptop. Eventually, I'd also like to receive and display the data on a smartphone, however I know nothing about writing smartphone apps, so I'll need to hire someone to help me with that code and good programmers have been hard to find.

I've been paying someone to modify an open source Java program to display the data on a laptop screen, but after many weeks, and after paying him a small fortune, the modifications are still not finished and the modified program is not much better than what we started with. Meanwhile, I've been writing a program to transmit the Bluetooth data myself. I was using an Arduino Pro Mini wired to a Bluetooth module. It works, but I can't get the Arduino to send the sensor data at regular one second intervals and the constant timing variations mess up the graph on the laptop. My efforts to use Arduino timer interrupts have been a total failure.

Recently, I decided to switch to the Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE to make the transmitting unit smaller, but the Feather has turned out to be much more difficult to program than the Pro Mini/Bluetooth module combination was. And, I still need to solve the inconsistent timing issue, so I'm going to need to hire someone to take over the Feather code.

Here is a better explanation of what I'm trying to do: I need someone to write some code for the Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE board. I want to read the analog output from a pulse oximeter, detect a valid heart beat, calculate a running average of the intervals between beats, convert the averaged interval to beats per minute, and then send the data out via Bluetooth at precise one second intervals.
I'm a 75 year old retired hardware engineer and I decided to become an inventor/entrepreneur in my old age, but frankly I suck at writing code. I was beginning to wonder if I'll live long enough to see this project finished, and then today I found this resource and decided to give it a shot. I can pay anything reasonable for code that works. Quad

When you say you "want to read the analog output from a pulse oximeter" do you mean you want to use the Feather to drive a bare finger sensor and process the raw output, or is your sensor self driven with some sort of preprocessed output?

Bluetooth enabled pulse oximeters exist already, so can you not use something off the shelf?

Is this part of a larger proof of concept, or are you trying to develop a product? What is the intended use case?

Just curious.

Those are very good questions. The pulse oximeter sensor is part of a unique cardiovascular comparative analysis system that I've worked on for thirty-five years. Only in recent years has it become practical for me to automate my system with affordable computer technology. I don't attach the sensor to the finger tip or to the earlobe for reasons that are too complicated to go into here. I haven't tried to use an off-the-shelf pulse oximeter with built-in Bluetooth, because the existing commercial devices are designed to be used in one of the two locations I just mentioned and those locations are not suitable for my purposes. This is a proof of concept exercise for something I've invented as a tool to extend my own life. It could become a product with the right marketing. However, I have zero marketing skills and no connections to marketing people, so it's highly unlikely that my invention will ever be used by anyone but me. I'm now 75 years old and frankly I don't care if this device ever becomes a product, because it has the potential to add many ears to my life and that alone makes the project worth finishing.

because it has the potential to add many ears to my life and that alone makes the project worth finishing.

Many ears?

You should be an editor. Obviously, “ears” was a typo and I intended to type many “years”.

Sent you a wee PM.

I want to express my gratitude to all the great folks on this forum who have offered me assistance and sent me helpful advice. I just had an email from a forum member who told me that BLE and classic Bluetooth are not the same thing and are totally incompatible. How could I have been so sloppy! I should have done more research before selecting the Feather board for my project. I failed miserably to do my "due diligence". This changes everything, because after making all this fuss I can't use the Adafruit Feather board. Please disregard everything I've posted asking for someone to write code for the Feather board. I've had success with a two board solution that combines an Arduino Pro Mini and an HC-06 Bluetooth module, so I plan to continue down that path and forget about a single board solution that combines both functions. Once again, thanks to everyone who contacted me.