Paid gig

I need a hand with a seemingly simple program. I have an Uno connected to a data logger and a 3/4" flow sensor. It works....mostly. I need to refine the program a bit.

I need to monitor and log the flow rate of the water, not the volume of the water along with a time and date stamp.

I don't believe in freebies.

Looking for a reasonable price.


How does the arduino talk to the flow meter? Is it plugged into an analog pin? Do you talk i2c to it?

How does the arduino talk to the logger? Is it an SD card? Do you send an HTTP PUT request to a web server?

Could we have a look at your existing program? What refinements did you want to add?

is the flow rate just not volume/time

If this is giving you pulses from the flow meter then you have a frequency. I.E. clicks per second.

If you know that 1 click it 20cl and you are getting 10 clicks per second then your flow rate is 20cl*10 per second or 200cl per second

So measure the clicks over a given time period and there you have it.

I don't believe in charging for simple solutions.

Cheers Pete.

Thanks for the generosity and offer to help. I've connected with someone who has resolved the issue.

May thanks.