Paid help with project! 4D Systems display

I need help with a little project I'm making. I'm using a uLCD 28-PTU-AR of 4D Systems. I''ll pay you.
Anyone interested please contact me by private message. It's urgent!!

It's urgent!!

How urgent, does it need to be finished today, within an hour, before tomorrow?
you give very little information for something urgent ...
is it life threatening?
Which country?
What needs to be build?
What are the requirements?

did you already go through the documentation and library?

I have a gyroscope, a couple of temperature sensors and a GPS. The objective of the project is to show on the display the data collected by those devices. The display is uLCD-28-PTU-AR.

Most part of the project is already made but I'm having some troubles with the display. The biggest one is that i must do a compass with the coordenates of the GPS and I don't know how.

It must be finished within a couple of weeks but how i said, most of it is already done.
I'm from Spain.

If it's a matter of drawing on the LCD maybe you should ask on the 4DS forum.


I have already asked on 4DS forum and i got some answers, but I don't know how to make it. So if anyone of you knows about 4DS displays contact me please.

This is the kind of compass i must make (or a similar one more simple)

I did write a comms library for some 4D displays (the VisiGenie stuff) but I've never actually drawn a single line on one, so I can't help I'm afraid.

Where the responses on the 4D forum not helpful enough?