Paid Help With Robotic Project

Need help making the following happen with an Arduino Pro Mini.

Looking to pay $200.

Please post if you need me to clarify anything. Post or PM me if you’re interested.

Part 1 - Sketch:

  • Switch 1: Sweep three servos and hold. Then return to starting position when switch is pressed a second time. Play a sound effect. Arduino should remember if it is on the first or second cycle.
  • Switch 2: Check state of first switch. Cycle a 6v solenoid, play a sound effect and flash/pulse an LED for a few seconds.

Part 2 - Hardware:

Create schematic. If needed I can ship you the major components if you need to test

My major component list currently stands at:

  • Arduino Pro Mini 16MHz
  • WTV020-SD-16P sound board (library)
  • PAM8403 based amp
  • 8Ω .5w Speaker
  • 3x Hitec servos
  • 6v servo
  • 2x momentary switches
  • LED

Part 3 - Power:

Planning to use two Adafruit 3.7v 500mAh LiPo cells stepped down, unless you advise that a single cell stepped up would work. Battery will be integrated, and so the final configuration will incorporate an Adafruit USB charging board for built in charging as described here. Hoping to be able to use their smaller Adafruit Micro Lipo - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - v1 with their wiring diagram.

In summary:

I need you to

  • Write the Arduino sketch and supply a digital copy (so I can refine the servo movement and LED speed/duration).
  • Select the correct resistors, transistors, diodes etc…
  • Advise on battery, and select required converter.
  • Produce a schematic which includes the battery and USB charging board so that I can install the electronics into the final assembly.

PM sent :)


Ideally I am looking to have this done in a 7 day window.