Paid or collaboration assistance needed with an NRF24 project in London, UK


I am currently working on a big outdoor light installation project using Nordic Semiconductor's NRF24l01+ transceivers. The success of the project heavily relies on them. I am looking for someone, with a good level of experience who lives in London, to assist with the development.

This could be in the form of a paid consultation or, depending on interest, some form of collaboration in the project.

If you do not live in London but feel your expertise could be useful over email/video chat then please do also get in touch.

Please reply to the post with any questions or PM/email me if interested.



Hey Stewart,

I've done some work with the NRF2401+, but I live near New York City. If you want my help let me know.

Best Wishes,


I am based in France but from the UK originally with a large UK based client base.

I have worked with these devices in the past . Most specifically on a prototype system for a USA based client that manufactured occupancy lighting systems for rest rooms "Tooshlights". Their system used the radios to report the sate of the booth back to a web based server system that was able to be viewed through a web interface to let clients know where there where vacant booths.

I have also just completed a project with a UK client to use these to send tweets from a twitter feed to multiple LED matrix displays in a venue.

Please take a look at my website and take a look at the projects that I have been involved in. If you think that I have the skills that you require then drop me a message here or at my email address (found on the website)

Cheers Pete.