Paid programmer help needed

I have a Seeeduino Mega with an ATmega1280. And I am looking to read a sst27sf512 28pin eeprom 1 line at a time. SST27SF512 Datasheet
I can send payment by paypal
Please pm if you can help me out

And I am looking to read a sst27sf512 28pin eeprom 1 line at a time.

How do YOU define a line? The EEPROM reads/writes data one byte at a time.

You are correct PaulS, I do need it to read one byte at a time by toggling the OE on/off.

Do you want to memory-map the chip or just use IO to read it?


Just using io to read the chip should be fine.

Then connect 16 outputs to the address pins, 8 inputs to the data, tie CE and OE low, write an address to the address pins and read the data.

If you want to use less power then run CE to a pin as well, leave it high most of the time and toggle it low while you actually read the data.


Hey I was working on a project and was hoping to program a set of ge g-35 string set christmas lights as shown here: Loading.... However I am having problems with the code since I am relatively new with Arduino. I was wondering if someone could help me program the light to react to different frequencies of sound. I am located in New Jersey and am willing to pay someone for help with the project.

This has nothing to do with the subject of this thread, you should start your own thread if you want people to find it.


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