PAID PROJECT - Diagnose BLE Connection Issue on custom PCB (Nano IoT 33)

I have a PCB that is a custom version of the Arduino Nano IoT 33 board (it's basically a clone of the Nano IoT 33, but with some onboard motor driver chips and extra pads, and a SWD pins connector instead of USB). I am programming the board using the Arduino framework and have been able to successfully upload and run Arduino sketches via a debugger from my Mac.

However, I have not been able to connect with the onboard NINA W102 BLE (bluetooth low energy) chip (I receive a failure code when running BLE.begin() in debug mode). I have followed instructions to update the WifiNina firmware but have been unsuccessful.

I need someone who has experience programming custom PCBs w/ ARM Cortex processors and BLE using SWD protocol to help me diagnose this issue (initially a couple hours of work I would think).

I'm able to share my circuit schematics, pictures of the board, and we could do screenshares using a debugger to help identify an issue. If it helps, I can even send the board and debugger to your location and we can collaborate that way.

Please let me know if you can help, if you have questions, and we can discuss details. Thank you!

What's the budget?

How does the SAMD21 talk to the Nina W102? SPI or UART? The shcematic shows connection to both.