paid project help - control of large grid of rgb led modules

we are doing a large ceiling grid area using the 4 pc rgb led modules with the chips on them for control. our plan is to make a grid with 32 modules in one direction and 64 in the other for a total of 2048 modules. we obviously want to use the as a canvas above a dance floor area and want to do color waves, effects etc. on this grid area. we are also interested in the possibility of playing video files to it as well if possible.

this is a paid project and what we are looking for is to have the arduino control be the interface and control of this. we can feed it from a dmx lighting software or whatever is needed. we need you to supply us with the board properly set up and also support for integrating it to the modules grid. we are happy for this to be a telecommuting project as we are easy with skype etc if you need to see something.

we have done some research on this and realize this is not a massive income project but it may be right in your wheelhouse and it will be very cool when completed.

bad news... they want it done with the next 2-3 weeks which is why we are here asking. we can do the install of modules etc but need to contract this portion out to meet the timeline so we are not on a learning curve so steep.

if interested please email me at


using the 4 pc rgb led modules

what is this nonsense? someone came up with a thing, gave it a name and now its THE!!! blah blah blah

you want help, give data, not buzzwords

very sorry, my mistake.

here is the module link -

here is a link to a video of arduino controlling a much smaller version. -

the video shows a different led module on it but the link above module has the same capabilities.

please advise if you still need more info.



You’re barking up the wrong tree with the led link you posted, that looks like straight common-cathode led strip with individual control coming off the Red/Green/Blue wires

again, sorry, wrong link... try this...

they are using arduino as you can see by their projects page.


Where are you located? Want someone to work remotely? Message me here.