PAID PROJECT HELP - Pressure control Device

I run a small coffee roasting business and I'm looking for some help for a project that I started, and I cannot seem to get to where I want, and at this point I just want to hire someone.

The run-down

-Arduino Uno 3
-12v Proportion valve & Driver-007
-Digital Pressure gauge that outputs 4-20mA signal
-LCD Display
-Power Supply Meanwell RS-25-12 (I will need to up this as I need 14v for the valve to completely open).

Here's what I'm trying to achieve. Currently I am controlling the proportion valve with a potentiometer, while it works, I'm not enjoying it, there's no tactile feel to it, considering moving to a rotary encoder. Additionally I'd like to consider the idea of PID control so I can set the valve to a specific percentage and let the Arduino maintain that (within reason of course) - better ideas are welcome.

The display currently reads the digital gas gauge and displays the output in both a percentage as well as kPa. The 4-20mA output goes through a current to voltage converter - I'm not sure this is the best option, and I'm open to other ideas.

In the end I'm willing to pay someone to help me out with this project and bring a bit of creativity to this as well. I'm happy to share what I have once I get in touch with someone.

Really appreciate your help! If you have any recommendations of additional people or places I should post this please let me know.

Thank you,
Dustin (NJ)

"in the end" carries what meaning exactly? If you want commertial consulting + programming then please drop me a PM.