paid project

I would like to pay someone to work on a project for me.
I would also like to learn about Arduinos in the process and possibly do some of the work myself at appropriate times.
The project is essentially part of a traction control system for a motorcycle.
I would like to monitor a set of hall effect senors from an existing abs system. The abs system itself is not on this bike but I can mount
the sensors and grid wheels as they are readily available. The goal is to be able to produce a zero to 5 volt signal output proportional to the rear wheel "spin" or "slip" relative to the front wheel.
From that signal I have an existing control box that I believe is capable of dialing down engine power to correct the slipping.
Please contact me if interested. I am hoping this is something that can be accomplished very soon.

I am interested, but do not quite understand which is the project.
can explain better, or give an example. displayed as?