paid support required for dataflash memory library

I am working with some AT45DB081D flash memory and I need some help which I am prepared to pay for. The issue I have is that I am using the dataflash library which you can find here.

This library was developed for the AT45DB041B which has less memory and is an older version. The newer D version has more command options, although the documentation I find suggests that the legacy "B" commands are still supported. The general work flow for this memory is that if you want to write some data you first write the data to a buffer and then write that buffer to a page in memory. The problem I have is that if I specify for it to write to page 6 it will write to some other page like page 3 for example. I suspect the issue is in how the library calculates the address for the page since it was designed for a different size memory. Please PM me if you can help me update the library.