Paid work for anyone online who can write me a sketch!

I have a project and I need a sketch writing for me so I can run an experiment. Anyone who can write a sketch that will work get in touch, I’ll pay over paypal. I’m looking for this sketch to be written ASAP so if anyone can, please get in touch ASAP.

So Im using an arduino mega with a RAMPS 1.4 shield board and Pololu A4988 stepper drivers. My stepper motors are 200 steps per revoloution (1.8degree steps).
The idea is that first, the extruder heats up, then once at 200 degrees C, one stepper motor is driving a cylinder in the attached schematic to accelerate from about 0rpm to around 100 rpm (I can alter and play with numbers once the sketch is written) another stepper will be moving the extruder head which will also have an acceleration. And a 3rd stepper will have a const speed feeding filament into the extruder. The idea being that polymer is going to be extruded and ‘wrapped around’ the cylinder at increasing speed so I can get data on different polymers.
I’ve attached a schematic, abit of 3D model and links to the reprap test code (it defines the pins there)

If anyone is interested, or needs any more info please get in touch ASAP.

"At a constant linear acceleration"? Surely that should be "at a constant linear SPEED".

or perhaps they really do want an increasing or decreasing rate of change