(Paid Work) Looking for an Arduino Designer and Enclosure Designer

Hi there,

I'm looking for an Arduino Designer and an Enclosure Designer for a startup (you don't need to have both skills :D). I've got the initial prototype produced and the next step is

  1. Log, timestamp, and store an activity
  2. Transmit data via Bluetooth
  3. Minimize size and footprint
  4. Minimize power requirements
  5. Create a rugged, waterproof enclosure

If you are interested, or know someone that is interested. Please send me a personal message. This is paid work that is negotiable.

Thanks for looking!

So you just need to connect a bluetooth module and some unknown activity sensors to a Promini and send data out?
Or you want put both on the same card, with headers for connecting sensors?
Or ??
I do board designs, yours would be right up my alley.

Then put that into a waterproof case with batteries?

Hey CrossRoads,

I sent you a PM