painlessmesh error message on compile

I am trying to compile the Painlessmesh 'Echo node' program this has been failing with an
error mesage:

C:\Users\bworker\Documents\Arduino\libraries\painlessMesh-master-1bab045503bff21f5e7b43ea120912e227835346\src\painlessMeshDebug.cpp:37:48: error:
too many arguments for format [-Werror=format-extra-args]

Serial.printf("0x%x\t", type, types);

Can anyone shed light on where the problem might be? .

There are two arguments to the printf, 'type,types', but only one is required by the specified format string '%x'.


Thanks for that Pete.

The sketch has four printf statements all of which have 2 arguments, so the the statement being
errored must be generated as he result of a library action, I will reload the libraries and try again.