Paintball Scenario Project

Hi There,

We are wanting to build a cool scenario based paintball field using electronic targets with vibration sensors, sirens, LED lights, pneumatic rams etc.

So basically you can shoot a target that will activate something else once its been hit like a pneumatic ram to close a window or a burst of fog from a fog machine, sound effects from motion sensors and similar things.

The link below is for a site in QLD Australia that have a few video's with a very similar setup.

So basically my question is that would something like this be possible using the Arduino products?

Hope someone is able to help :)

would something like this be possible using the Arduino products?


What you need are sensors to detect hits, perhaps force or vibration sensors, which can be read by an Arduino, and a means to activate devices as a result of detecting a hit. The Arduino will almost certainly not be able to drive these output devices directly and relays or FETs will be needed to provide the requisite voltage and/or current.

The force of a paintball should be enough to activate a microswitch behind a target. Depending on the force required, some larger more powerful servo motors may be able to move things like windows or pop-up targets.

How many lights, targets and actuators will you need?

A cheap accelerometer on a semiflexible target (aluminium plate on a pole for example) would be easier to use and reliable. Also those things are darn cheap!