paintball shot counter

Hey there everyone I am attempting to build a paintball shot counter with the smallest possible arduino board and the OLED display and I want it to do two things, First I want to display how many times I have pulled the trigger so I can keep count as to how many paintballs I have left and then if i hit a button that number resets to 0 and then I also want it to keep count how many times I've fired a paintball to keep track of the "mileage" so to speak. The problem is I have no knowledge of Arduino coding :( but I am pretty handy when it comes to the install so if anyone could give me some info, advice, and or a good start to the code I would greatly appreciate it!

The counter is not a major project but depends on your mechanical ability to mount a suitable sensor and your programming skill

We would need to know what type of sensor you are using. A close up photo of the gun may help us decide what sensor would be best.

Next read the info under the Learning tab to work out how to read a switch. This will be required to read the reset as well as the sensor.