Pair lora 32u4 with dorji drf 1276 module

Goal use lora 32u4 as a node for gps tracking. Send coordinates to a dorji drf 1276 module with a serial connection to a mac laptop.

I am able to do this operation with a pair of 1276 modules and an esp32 dev kit c.

I would like to replace the esp32 and drf 1276 module with lora 32u4 board.

How would I configure the dorji 1276 module to communicate with a lora 32u4 board?

Thanks for your help

The LoRa module does not know or need to know which type of microcontroller it is connected to.

For two LoRa devices to communicate successfuly they need to use the same frequency, bandwidth, spreading factor, header type, IQ setting, syncword, CRC setting and pre-amble length.

If you use the same library on TX and RX this is a lot easier.

Some libraries dont support the SX1272 varient.