Pairing 2 arduinos via iteadstudio bluetooth shields

Hi everybody,

I have started using an arduino uno maybe a month ago and I'm still a beginner. Currently, I can successfully read analog /digital pins and control a digipot. I also made a simple feedback loop with the digipot. Whatever, enough introduction.

I recently bought this: and the corresponding SLAVE shield.

I've sent AT commands to both of them with Tera Term. Now I'm trying have to the boards to communicate with each other, and eventually print some data onto a TFT LCD (that will be fitted on top of the Master or SLAVE).

I loaded the codes discussed in this thread ( onto each BT shield. For now, the TX led on the master arduino keeps flashing but led 13 is not. First of all, the boards don't seem to be paired at all, the status led on each of them flashes 2times/s. According to the manual, they should flash 1time/2s when connected

Can anybody tell me where I should start looking for pairing these two shields together?

By the way, I can pair them with my PC bluetooth dongle, that works.

Ok I can now have the two boards to communicate, yeah!

Next question, is it possible to use ITEAD 2.8 TFT LCD TOUCH SHIELD on top of the ITEAD BT SHIELD (MASTER SLAVE)?

The TFT shield seems to use all the digital pins on the UNO, but I'm wondering if they are really being used? Because the bluetooth shield use RX and TX (D0,D1) as well D2 for status led ..