pairing 2 bluetooth hc-06 transceiver modules

Quick question,

I couldn't find the answer to this so,

can you pair two hc-06 bluetooth transceivers to each other?


regards Maarten.

You need to use at least one HC-05, and you might as well get two. This is because the HC-06 is slave-only. I think you can get them a lot cheaper on eBay than from that link.

Guess they are slave-only transceivers, but if neither can start the communication, then it's not going to work.

No there isn't.

Being a slave simply means that an HC-06 cannot initiate the connection. That does not mean it is not a transceiver, and goes some way to explain why the HC-05 is a slave by default as well. I imagine about 99% of HC-0x users use their HC-0xs in slave mode and they can all transceive just fine.

I found two HC-05 modules on Gearbest [[/url]

Thanks all for the info I know enough! ](

$3 looks a lot better. Check the Martyn Currey or Phillipe Cantin websites about Arduino<>Arduino comms with Auto-connect.

HC-06 work great sending data to my cellphone but the phone is the master and the Hc-06 the slave but that works fine for most stuff.

I've now bought two Bluetooth modules from the link. I also found out they were the original sellers and gearbest is just a good seller for arduino stuffs.

I wanted to be able to send data to one Bluetooth module and back and I don't have an iPhone so the phone solution won't work.

I know enough thanks