Pairing Bluetooth VR Controller to Arduino Uno and HM-10 Module

I've currently got an Arduino Uno and a HM-10 bluetooth module that I am attempting to pair as a master with a VR nunchuck. [ I want to use a VR nunchuck to control an arduino robot]

The majority of tutorials around [On various forums] for the HM-10 are for pairing to a mobile device as the slave, however I want the Uno to read the available devices and initiate pairing with a device.
I have looked at examples by Martyn Currey, and viewed the repos for both AltsoftSerial and SoftwareSerial, and none of these seems to investigate initiating a pairing through only using the arduino and no additional serial monitor interaction.
Is it possible to view available connections and initiate pairing with a HM-10 module, if so, what functions/ classes should I be using to achieve this?
Thank you

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