Pairing pam1321 bluetooth module with slave


I am completely new to Arduino, but I have a project for my work. I try to connect an pam1321 module hooked to an Arduino Due to my slave device. It has several vibration engines which I like to start in a first step. The problem is, I can’t get a connection between the two devices.
I tried to use AT commands in the serial monitor in the Arduino Software, but my slave doesn’t signal that there is a connection. It has a LED which should turn blue when there is a connection but it does’t.

What I tried:

AT+JDDS=0 worked, I got the adress of my slave as an answer.
AT+JCCR=,04 returned ok and +RPCI= and +RCCRCNF=000,1

I would suspect the LED to turn blue now, because AT+JCCR is the command to create a connection request. The slave shouldn’t need a password, but I also tried

AT+JPCR=04,1234 with no real result.

If someone knows how to fix my problem, please help :slight_smile:

Edit: I think the RCCRCNF=000,1 means that there is no connection (because of the 1). But why?

I found a solution:

AT+JCCR=,01 → OK, +RCCRCNF=350,0 , +RDAI=001,

After that my indication LED turned blue.