Pan Tilt face recognition

Good day people. I am in need of something that will track someone walking. I want to make something that will somehow lock onto a specific person and track him. For an example If I was to stand up in front on a stage and I am speaking to an audience I want the Pan Tilt and maybe zoom to follow me when I walk from left to right or move forward into the audience. But it must somehow lock onto me.

OK, I can see the Arduino controlling the pan/tilt motors, but the commands are going to come from something much more powerful - have you looked at OpenCV?

I have looked at some applications of it but I want to know which one will be the best one to use. And instead of a web can maybe a IP camera.

The choice of camera is immaterial to a discussion about the Arduino - the image data won't be going anywhere near it.

Ok great thanks for the help. So then all that the Arduino is doing is the Pan Tilt.

I wonder if I had to modify this camera and use it with the Arduino, do you think its remotely possible.

Are you doing this because it looks like a fun project, or because you want a camera that does face tracking?

There are face tracking cameras available off the shelf.

No not for fun I need to get something that will follow me on stage. And a learning project as well. I dont have time to wright the code. So i need something that is copy and past. hahahahahahahah.

The 'on stage' part might be a problem. It implies that you may be a considerable distance from the camera and not always facing it or in direct view.

If you "dont have time to wright the code" then an Arduino based solution is probably not realistic for you because this is beginning to sound like a technically difficult project and it is unlikely that you will find a complete working solution that does exactly what you need.

I don't know whether you will find an affordable solution off-the-shelf because what you're trying to do sounds much harder than the usual point-the-web-cam-towards-somebody-sitting-in-front-of-it problem, but I suspect that what you will need is a beacon tracking system.

I suggest that the most practical solution would be to hand the camera to a friend or relative and ask them to record you.

You just need a 'Swivl'. I have one and it works great. Even comes with wireless microphone.'s "affordable".