Pan - Tilt - shoot System (3 Different motors)

As a part of a college project work, I am trying to run a Pan, Tilt, shoot system with Arduino Uno for Automated Video shooting.
When we began the project, all 3 Servo motors were 4.5 V each.

Due to certain design changes by Mechanical Engg of our team, now

  1. Pan and Tilt Servo are 12 V each. (High Torque)
  2. Shoot Servo is 5 V.

How to connect these 3 Servo motors on same board as they are of different voltage?
Will there be any added advantage if I buy digital servo instead of analog?

Help me out here, please!!

Only the supply grounds will be common, so there should be no problems.

I'm not sure I see much advantage in using digital servos, unless the camera is very, very light.


Hopefully, even when the motors were all 4.5v you weren’t powering them from the Arduino 5v pin…

The important point about servos is that the motor’s power supply and its control are separate by their very nature. So, all you need to do is hook the servo controls (the yellow or white wires) to suitable Arduino pins, and then the servo’s power (red and black) to the appropriate power supplies of 12, 12 and 5 volts (not the Arduino 5v). Connect the servo power grounds to the Arduino ground.

So, if when you say “How to connect these 3 Servo motors on same board”, you mean on the same Arduino board, then the above is the answer. The Arduino supplies control only, not power, and that should have been your approach all along.

Have a look at DuaneB’s servo tutorial

Suggest you check the signaling voltage and signal type required for those 12V servos. If they are controlled by 5V using the standard 50Hz PWM then the Arduino can treat them just like any other servo.

If analog and digital servos are both within your budget and smooth+precise positioning is important to you, I'd prefer a digital servo.

Thank you all for real quick response.
Moving on with the project.
PeterH, JimboZA, AWOL.......much appreciated.