Panasonic Grid-Eye sensor and people counting

I've used the Panasonic AMG8833 IR sensor to build an IR thermal camera, but I'm more interested in the people counting functionality for my application. The source code samples provided in the Panasonic evaluation kit doesn't compile for me in the Ardunio IDE (returns an interrupt ' PIOC->PIO_ISR;' error).

The AMG libraries available from ADAFruit work well for retrieving the grid thermal values but don't leverage the 'enhanced' functions visible in the Panasonic APIs.

Any suggestions?

The code is clearly intended for some specific processor, different from whatever Arduino you are using.

Without the details of both, it is obviously impossible to say more. Please post the source code, or a link to actual code samples you reference.

You need their evaluation kit to run their software, else you'll have to port it.

The evaluation kit (webpage with resource links was linked in my original post) includes a prototyping board that plugs directly into the header sockets on an Arduino board and Arduino sample files are available from the resources page. The sensor itself communicates solely via I2C, which makes it adaptable to many hardware platforms.

My hope was to find someone who might have managed to make the Panasonic-provided Arduino sketch actually work, as there is an apparent interrupt-driven error message when I try to compile mine.

there is an apparent interrupt-driven error message when I try to compile mine

As already stated, that is because you are compiling the code for the wrong processor.

It should not be difficult to modify the code to run on whatever processor you plan to use.