Panelizing with Eagle?

I have made a board in Eagle then, I copied it using ULP.... panelize.ulp . Next, I copied the board 5 times and lined up the edges as best as possible. I am hoping to get 5 pieces for the price of one.

If I send the Gerber files to Seed or Itead will I receive 5 pieces or will I have to cut the board myself.

If I understand correctly using this deal I should get 5 times 10 pieces = 50. Does this sound correct?:

You have to cut it yourself. They won’t do groves, cuts, drill holes (as separation between panels), you do it all. So make sure your design is far enough from the (virtual) edge of the board so that you have enough room to cut the pieces apart.

I use a Dremel tool with a cutting blade that’s 0.8mm wide. So when I panelize stuff, I make sure the dimension lines at least 1.5mm apart.

Now, BatchPCB will do contour cutting, and separation drill holes, see attached image. The design is a small, 11mm x 15mm board, which I panelized into a 4x3 grid with the drill holes so I can just snap them apart. At least, that was the idea. Turns out, FR-4 is still too hard to snap apart like that, even though the holes are only 0.5mm apart. So next time I’ll put them closer together and use only 3 holes instead of 5, but you get the idea.


Add "Lines" (vs wires) between the boards to give your self a guide for cutting them up with a hacksaw.

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Thanks for the excellent replies!

My boards would be 9DOF "accel, gyro, and compass" and I really only need one or two but, I figured if I could get extra for free, I would share the wealth. I will see if I can put some holes and space between the boards so that I can seperate them easily.

Thanks, Mark

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