Panoboter - 2 servos, more than 1300 lines of code

Hi guys,

check out my project. It's a lightwight robot for spheric and multirow panorama for a dslr camera. I'm using one arduino mini pro as main controller and for controlling and drive the servo a pololu servo controller.

Diagrams, key features, code and more pictrues at

Just wondering what people think about it

markus from Switzerland

That's really cool, well done!

How much did all that cost you?

zehr schon!

My next project is to make an intervalometer with my Duemila, but am working on Robot 1.0 first.

Very nice, looks solid and sturdy.

Just wondering what people think about it

Looks brilliant!

How long does it take to shoot a panorama like that?
How long does it take to stitch them all together!?
How big are the image file sizes?


Some additional information;

Material cost (rounded, excluding shipping)

  • servos: 2 x 40$: 80$
  • arduino mini pro: 20$
  • pololu servo controller: 20$
  • alu tubes: 20$
  • display: 10$
  • rotary encoder, buttons, optocoupler, ... 20$
  • camera shutter cable: 30$
  • shafts, gears, adaptors and srews: 100$

Total: 300$, but I easily spent twice as much or even more.

Taking panorama

  • Shooting time depends on the focal length and the sensor size of the camera. For a spheric panorama with 22mm and a Canon EOS 20D, the robot takes about 50-60 images in 3-4 minutes.
  • Stitching time depends on the number of picture, it varies between minutes (20 pics) and hours (more than 200 pics) on a 4 core 3.5Ghz machine with 8GB ram.
  • Images sizes: up to 3GB for a gigapixel picture


Love it! Just been looking at the pictures... simply AMAZING! And the build quality is great too! WAAANT! :stuck_out_tongue: