panStamp NRG.1.1

Hi guys, i've some issues in developing with these modules.

With the AVR version i've no problems, and all works correctly, instead with this one i can neither flashing up a "blink led" sample.

NOTE : I'm developing from Mac Os 10.10, and the Arduino path is located in "Documents" on my user.

The following errore blows up when i compile :

Cannot run program "/Applications/Arduino": error=2, No such file or directory

This is the Module :

and that's the WIKI :

I cannot explain what appens, because i've never copied into the "APP" any files before.

Thanks all guys !!!

Ok, i’ve solved the first issue!!! :smiley:

COPY arduino-1.6_patch/mac/tools/msp430

I can Compile from the Arduino 1.6.0 IDE now!

But another issue displays on :

Error: Unable to access jarfile /Applications/[/code]

Hi Ale,

You should maybe post your questions in the panStamp forum.

But unfortunately, panstamps have all been discontinued…

Would anyone be interested in “AVR”-type panstamps and pansticks ? Arduino (pro mini) compatible, the cheapest and least power-hungry alternative for WSN (Wireless Sensor Nodes).