Parallax 30085 Easy Blue Tooth Modules

Hello, I was recently given several Parallax 30085 Easy Blue Tooth Modules. I have powered one and my phone recognizes the EasyBT module and ask to pair with the module and prompts for a PIN.

I do not really care to connect my phone at this point, but I wanted to see if this module is broadcasting so it was a good test. I hope to explore phone based applications later. First I want to get two controllers talking via Bluetooth as described below.

The module datasheet is online (see link below). I cannot tell if this is a version 1.1 or 1.3 module but the datasheets for both show a serial rx/tx com port and 5V power and ground. It looks simple, but I do not know much about wireless microcontroller communications, and cannot find any examples with this particular BT module.

I would like to get two Arduino Duemilanove controllers connected via bluetooth and then start doing wireless applications. I would like to start with a button on one controller and turn on a LED on the receiver. Eventually it would be neat to read an analog voltage on one controller/BTradio and broadcast the value and display it on a LCD screen on the other controller/BT radio.

Are there any serial Bluetooth examples that are compatible with this module? I searched the web and the arduino site and did not see any example for this Parallax 30085 Easy Blue Tooth module. I did see some Bluetooth examples. Has anyone worked with this BT module, or have recommendation on getting started. --Thank you.

Sorry I cannot post the data sheet as this is my first post, but it easy to find if you need it. So far things have been going great with the arduino, and I have not really tried this BT module as this hardware is not listed on the site and I am not sure how to get started.