Parallax ColorPAL and Arduino

Hey everybody, we're trying to make a parallax colorpal sensor work, we already tried almost every code on the internet, we have been trying to make it work with an duemilanove board since 2 weeks already, and no result. Until now we only made the light sensor work, but not the color one. also we checked some youtube videos of that sensor and their colorpal sensor turns on a LED but ours doesn't, is this normal?

what we want is displaying on the computer screen the color that the sensor is reading. (red/blue/green for starting)

First step to gettiing some help would be to post how you have it wired up, your code, expected result and observed result.

Since the sensor is reflective only and depends on the LEDs as a light source, then you won't get a result if the LEDs are not lighting up.

I got mine to work with arduino version .89 something. the codes as far as I know don't work with arduino 1.0 or higher. They would have to be modified.

That’s the problem. I dont know how wired up, i didnt know how code it.

ill try to make a better post next time, But my main problem is: I am beginner working with arduino and do not know how to use the Parallax ColorPal. I know a bit of programming and circuits but i dont found a way to make it work the Parallax ColorPal. i need any help (code or help me wired up).

Did you read any of the product documentation and example code on the page you linked?