Parallax Joystick + DC Motors

I’m new to Arduino and programming and I was wondering if anyone could give me very simple help for a question i have. Basically I’m trying to hook up a 6 volt power supply to my Arduino to power to motors with parallax joystick switch Basically I want one motor to move left when I point the stick up and right when I point it down and I want the other motor to turn left when I point the stick left and right when I point the stick right. If anyone could give me some really basic and easy help that would be really helpful. Thank you!

When I click the link, I get:

The page cannot be found

Basically I want one motor to move left

Every motor I've ever seen rotates a shaft, while sitting still. Imagine how hard it would be to keep a drive belt tight if the motor ran all over the place when powered.

when I point the stick up

So, just rotating the whole joystick assembly is supposed make the motor move?

You might be thinking that I'm just picking on you. I am, a little, but, mostly I'm trying to point out that fuzzy requirements lead to non-functioning project. Clear, concise, understandable requirements lead to function projects and happy customers.

If you said "I have this joystick (and the link worked). I want one motor to rotate one way when I move the joystick lever forward, and to rotate the other way, when I...", then we could really help you.

However, you really need to think about your requirements, how a joystick operates, and what you are asking the motors to do.

The joystick is not an on/off switch. It creates two variable resistances - one as the control is moved forward and backwards and the other as the control is moved left and right. So, the two values effectively define a single coordinate on a plane. The X coordinate usually controls one motor, while the Y coordinate controls the other. Forward (plus y) vs. backwards (minus y) and left (minus x) vs. right (plus x) generally define direction and speed.

Please explain what these two motors are supposed to accomplish, how the joystick is connected to the Arduino, and what code (if any) you have already written.