Parallax ping sensor on distance theremin signal update speed

I am able to successfully measure a distance with the ultrasonic sensor convert that to a frequency at the rate I want. The problem I have is that the sensor does not update quick enough to give me a smooth sound transfer between multiple distances (or frequencies). I made the exact same instrument except instead of using an ultrasonic rangefinder I used a potentiometer. The potentiometer gave me the sound I want because it updates the input much quicker.

I have taken the ultrasonic rangefinder scan rate all the way down to a 1 millisecond delay but it is not keeping up with that rate. Is this due to the sensor using the speed of sound?

Would an infrared sensor update more quickly because the waves sent out are at speed of light and not speed of sound?

Any suggestions are welcome!!!!

Have a look at the following sensors - it really depends on your specific application

TSSP4P38 or TSSP58P38 from Vishay


I have these sensors in my Kit so if you can explain what you need in more detail, I might be able to quickly test the response/update time in a mock-up (time permitting).

The example in the Vishay Data sheet uses a 120ms modulated pulse every 500ms, so that would seem to be too slow for your requirements. I don’t have a similar data sheet on the other unit.

Sharp, also make a wide range of proximity sensors and there should be data sheets readily available which would give the response/update times. Intuitively, you would expect the IR signal to be quicker than sound, but maybe that’s not the case.